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About Concise Digital

Concise Digital was launched by Concise Training in late 2015. Concise Training has been offering social media training services since 2009.  Concise training offer face to face training (either workshops or bespoke at the client site), City & Guilds qualifications and E-Learning courses.  Social media consultation, social media marketing and content management, newsletters and search engine optimisation were within the scope of services offered to clients. However, under the brand of Concise Training, the additional message of offering a range of digital services was getting lost.

Concise Digital service offering:


  • As part of the Concise Training family, we have been using and training others in the use of the marketing channels for the past 6.5 years.
  • We firmly believe engagement is key to social media success and is the core of everything we do.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager to identify specific, realistic aims for the digital marketing as well as the brand and voice of your business, creating a bespoke solution for your budget and audience.
  • You will be encouraged and helped to contribute to the content shared on social media – you know your business.  We will work with your content and make it more engaging.
  • Digital advertising campaigns can be created across the marketing channels if this is right for your business.  We will help you to target the campaigns and keep within a specified budget.

Meet the Concise Digital team – click here.


“We are very happy with the high level of expertise and efficiency provided by Mary and her team.  The ‘icing on the cake’ is the professional and personal skills that each member of her team naturally has and uses to put us non-experts at ease.

Mary and her team are acutely aware of the vital importance websites are to their customers and allayed our fears by planning the transfer of our domains and website to create a seamless transition.

Mary’s team advised us how to maintain our high ‘Google’ scores and which of our ideas would have had a negative affect; being able to provide their clients with this type of perhaps unwanted but crucial advice should not be underestimated.

We had a specific look, feel and functionality that we wanted to achieve from our website and Mary and her team have delivered this to us.

They worked through our long list of requirements without fuss or comment, even though we must have tested their patience but they never let it show.

Mary’s team knows that their clients are busy people working in the real world and are prepared to support them.  An example of this was when the payment side of our website was affected when PayPal recently conducted an upgrade that meant that every customer needed to have or setup a PayPal account.  This change was not acceptable to us and so we quickly put together an additional payment method.  This additional work was kindly squeezed into their existing workload.

We consider Mary and her team to be part of our long term website management team and are sure that you will enjoy the same level of service and support that we have.”
Ruth Steve McEwan-Lyon, Ni-Silver (8/10/16)

“I first met Mary in 2013, when I attended a Social media training day, co-hosted by Concise Training and Painless Practice.  I have subsequently read Mary’s emails with interest, and contacted Mary earlier this year after experiencing repeated and apparently unresolvable problems with a website that had been both deigned and continued to be hosted by another company.  Mary was entirely professional and exceptionally helpful throughout the whole experience, initially quoted solely to resolve the problems I was experiencing – initially suggesting I leave the website with the original host.  I subsequently asked her if it would be possible for her also to host the site for me, and we both agreed at that point that it also badly needed redesigning.  Mary and her team were marvellous at supporting me (via phone calls and email) during the time it took to get the original designer to agree to release the website, giving me a very clear step by step approach of what I needed to do if the original designer continued to ignore my repeated requests for the website to be released to Concise Digital.

I had personally written all the content for the original website, and following minimal training and by a degree of trial and error had also loaded the vast majority of it myself.  I was amazed to find that the Concise team not only did extensive research into chiropractic care, but also reworded my existing content (far better and a much more positive approach) and also wrote a lot of new content for me.  And, loaded it as well.  I spend the vast majority of my time working with my patients, so business administration and website content writing / loading has to be done out of clinic hours and usually in the evenings.  So for Concise Digital to do all this for me, I found this beyond fantastic.

I can’t thank Mary and her team enough for their help and support through the whole experience, and for their tolerance in answering my many (daft) questions.  I freely admit that my own personal standards are high, and I expect high standings from those I work with – in all contexts.  I will do digital work but it’s at the very far edge of my comfort zone and I’m a far better and much happier Chiropractor than a digital user!  I really can’t recommend Mary and her team highly enough.”
Dr. Jane Mckenzie – Riley, Good Health Naturally

“A colleague highly recommended using Concise Digital and I have been very impressed so far.  I feel my specific needs have been met and the support and training I have received has been superb. The work produced has been stunning along with the follow-up support.  I have already used their services again and recommended to others.”
Selwyn Widger, West Wiltshire School Sports Partnership.

“It’s been fantastic working with Concise and it’s been extremely motivating seeing EliteText’s social media profile, fan base, and followers grow and develop. Thank you to Viv for scheduling all the posts and being so efficient. I shall especially miss your designs and images which have given my posts an edge over my competitors.”
Elite Text.

“I have been really pleased with the social media management support of Concise Digital, it was especially helpful in boosting our presence around a major event we sponsored. A great, friendly, professional team and easy to work with. If you are looking for someone to manage your social media, look no further!”
Chart Clinic.

“Mary and Steve at Concise Training have done a fantastic job at managing my Facebook page and building an audience for my business. They both made a huge effort to understand my industry and the way that I work within it and this is reflected in the links and Twitter connections made.”
Sarah Naybour.

“Concise Digital developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for TAP Training to increase its online presence. Concise helped us to integrate social media into our marketing plan and make social media a daily habit. From the outset of managing our social media channels, we saw a continued and steady rise in our followers and in levels of engagement. Content was of a high quality, relevant to our audience and was enhanced with quality, appealing images. The teams’ knowledge and experience meant that they could quickly and creatively respond to comments and opportunities and draw our attention to those that required our input. We appreciate Concise Digital’s dedication to TAP Training’s social media marketing activities and would highly recommend their services.”
The Training Foundation
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