Engaging, searchable content to drive traffic to your website.

Are you struggling to maintain your blog?

For us it’s not about just writing content for content’s sake, it’s about connecting with and engaging a target audience into action. We write engaging, searchable and valuable web content. Let us post and promote your blog for real-world business results.  Whatever type of post your business needs; informational, educational, editorial or branded; we can write them.

We believe that there are two sides to social media marketing – relationship marketing and content marketing.  Some businesses will choose to do both, others will choose one or the other and they are not mutually exclusive by any means.

Five reasons to consider blogging:

1. Build credibility

By creating regular, added value posts, you can build the credibility of the business – be seen as somebody who understands what they are talking about.

2. Boost your SEO

To help the search engine optimisation of the website.  If your post is distributed and shared on social media, search engines will get a better idea of what the website is about and the quality of the site.

3. Increase traffic

If the blog is hosted on the website, a blog will help to drive traffic to the website. Include links to other parts of your website or have a prominently displayed newsletter sign up form to encourage people to continue to engage.  Include a call to action on the post to tell people what to do next.

4. Longevity

Blog posts are lifelong content.  Search engines will index the post and continue to display it in results.  We still get a high number of visits to posts written several years ago! You can also continue to share relevant blog posts on social media for months after the post was written.

5. Reusable content

You can reuse the content.  Excerpts from blog posts can be used across your social media channels. You can link to posts in other ways too perhaps in a monthly newsletter or by creating a SlideShare presentation out of it.  All ways of getting your brand and message out there.

So what do you think?  Are you going to put more effort into your blog posts?  If you simply don’t have the time or inclination to write a regular blog, do get in touch and we can do it for you.

Customers who are engaged with brands can be great ambassadors!

We’ll work in partnership with you to complete a full review of your current operation – identify what’s working well together with the generation of ideas to help you develop a range of targeted, powerful strategies to build a solid online reputation.

Request a proposal today to get people talking about your brand.