Your brand building strategy requires a whole different approach.

It is easier than ever before to raise awareness with brand building in today’s digital era. Branding tools have changed so much in recent years. Brand building strategy today requires a whole new approach. Classic methods like TV spots and print advertisements are not enough. But the main goal remains the same — to be in demand.

What Is Brand Building?

An example of how Nike use brand building online.The definition of brand building is to generate awareness about your business using strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image in the marketplace.

  • Creating a unique memorable identity.
  • Promise of value.
  • Emotional connection between your company and its consumers.


We all know the Nike tagline: Just Do It. But do you know their mission statement?

Nike’s mission is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world“. The company has built up such a reputation and brand following, that it’s able to increase the target to accommodate every “body”.

7 Tips to get you started

How can your brand stand out in the ocean of companies, logos, social media pages, websites, infographics? Being unique and sincere is a great place to start. Here are some tips to help you build your brand.

  1. Logo Development

logo is one of the most important visual details of a brand. A good logo should not be affected by short-lived trends. It should represent your mission and values. If you feel that your logo does not match these principles, it might be time to rebrand it.

Once you are happy with the logo design, it’s time to apply it to your website, social media and apps. Good design will make your website memorable and perhaps gain a place in the customer’s bookmark panels.

  1. Mobile Apps

A strong online platform where you can connect with your customers is a must-have tool for business. It could be a mobile app or a web-based platform. Recently mobile apps have become essential for businesses requiring contactless services. Business has had to adapt fast to keep up with the ever-changing environment.  Mobile app usage has increased 50% in 2020 and is a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.

  1. Social Media Channels and Messaging Apps

To be on top, brands have to present a consistent message over all available platforms.  Optimise your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other top social channels. There are social media management tools to make this task a lot easier. 10 million messages are sent between companies and potential customers on Facebook Messenger every month, it’s not just for emojis!

  1. Effective Feedback

Social media can connect people to you instantly. Being real and showing who you are, earning trust, and forming relationships with the audience. People prefer interacting with people, even online.

  1. Make It Visual

Content that contains one or more images has an engagement level that is 2.3x higher than content without visuals. Leverage the poser of images and videos for generating more visibility in articles, blogs, media posts.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most essential trends today. These stats demonstrate the need to include video; 70% of customers say that they have shared a brand’s video, 52% answer that watching brand videos makes them more confident to make online purchase decisions.

  1. Team Up With an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing. An Influencer is a personality with a huge following who helps spread the word about your company through their social channels. It is someone who suits your brand. Look for the off-beat influencers whose activity is tangential to your business. This practice remains the top one among branding trends in 2020.

Summing Up

Doubtless, the main importance of brand building is maintaining authentic relationships with customers rather than just only trying to sell. Leveraging digital trends in 2020 in the context of well crafted visual strategy will maximise all opportunities of your business growing.

Let us know if Concise Digital can help you during this time.  We are happy to have a free call with you to give you some creative ideas, we can manage your brand on your behalf or we have a full range of short social media courses if you have time on your hands and want to learn how to market your business better yourself.