“…for Concise Digital to do all this for me, I found beyond fantastic.”

I first met Mary in 2013, when I attended a Social media training day, co-hosted by Concise Training and Painless Practice.  I have subsequently read Mary’s emails with interest and contacted Mary earlier this year after experiencing repeated and apparently unresolvable problems with a website that had been both designed and continued to be hosted by another company.  Mary was entirely professional and exceptionally helpful throughout the whole experience, initially quoted solely to resolve the problems I was experiencing – initially suggesting I leave the website with the original host.  I subsequently asked her if it would be possible for her also to host the site for me, and we both agreed at that point that it also badly needed redesigning.  Mary and her team were marvellous at supporting me (via phone calls and email) during the time it took to get the original designer to agree to release the website, giving me a very clear step by step approach of what I needed to do if the original designer continued to ignore my repeated requests for the website to be released to Concise Digital.

I had personally written all the content for the original website, and following minimal training and by a degree of trial and error had also loaded the vast majority of it myself.  I was amazed to find that the Concise team not only did extensive research into chiropractic care but also reworded my existing content (far better and a much more positive approach) and also wrote a lot of new content for me.  And, loaded it as well.  I spend the vast majority of my time working with my patients, so the business administration and website content writing/loading have to be done out of clinic hours and usually in the evenings.  So for Concise Digital to do all this for me, I found beyond fantastic.

I can’t thank Mary and her team enough for their help and support through the whole experience, and for their tolerance in answering my many (daft) questions.  I freely admit that my own personal standards are high, and I expect high standings from those who I work with in all contexts.  I will do digital work but it’s at the very far edge of my comfort zone and I’m a far better and much happier Chiropractor than a digital user!  I really can’t recommend Mary and her team highly enough.

Jane Mckenzie Riley
Good Health Naturally

“I found Mary and her team 100% helpful, professional and reliable.”

Firstly, I have completed a number of Concise Training’s E-learning Social Media courses for Business with Pitman Training Southampton and have been impressed with how up-to-date, informative and well-researched the course content was.
In addition, I subsequently had Viv design a logo and do the branding for my two websites, the first of which had caused a number of issues in setting up, due to inaccurate advice and supposed ‘support’ from businesses who were not as up to date with WordPress as they had indicated. I found Mary and her team (Viv & Steve) 100% helpful, professional and reliable. They have been honest in what could or could not be done and resolved all the aggravating issues created previously. As a result, I have not hesitated to recommend them to others and I’m beyond glad to leave the branding, graphics etc., in Concise Training’s capable hands! Now I can focus on what I do best 🙂 Thank you

Michaela Hope
Director, QwertyGirl VA

“The work produced has been stunning along with the follow-up support.”

A colleague highly recommended using Concise Digital and I have been very impressed so far.  I feel my specific needs have been met and the support and training I have received has been superb.

The work produced has been stunning along with the follow-up support.  I have already used their services again and recommended to others.

Selwyn Widger
West Wilts School Games Organiser