Conversion Tracking

How, exactly, do your customers interact with your brand?

Conversion tracking gives you measurable results to find out what you need to know.

You may be familiar with the concept of using analytics to see who has visited your website and where they have come from. You may even realise that it is possible to monitor the search terms that are used to eventually direct users to your site. Did you realise that you can also use analytics to track what users do on your site after they visit?

Conversion tracking allows us to define what you consider to be a valuable action and then record when this action has been taken on your website. The action could be a purchase of one of your products, downloading one of your brochures or signing up for your newsletter for example.

Tracking Website Purchases

By tracking who goes on to purchase from your website after clicking on your advert, we can measure the direct ROI of that advert. By using a suite of adverts we can measure which are having the most success and can tailor the advertising strategy accordingly so that your budget is spent where it will achieve the best return.

Tracking Downloads

The sales funnel is the path that a website user follows in order to eventually place an order on your website. This will involve several stages including research. By tracking who has downloaded information from your website after clicking on your advert we can monitor this stage of the sales funnel and by then tracking who goes on to place an order we can see if the content that you make available is working or whether it could be improved.

Tracking Newsletter Signups

A newsletter is a great opportunity to build brand credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers. It can be used to tell them about your business and products and to build a relationship with the prospect in the vital early stages of the sales funnel. By tracking who signs up to your newsletter after clicking on your advert, we can learn about the effectiveness of that advert in achieving its aims and by seeing who eventually goes on to make a purchase we can evaluate the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Tracking Phone Calls

You may not sell products via your website or you may be aiming for a prospect to call you rather than visiting your site so that you can talk to them in person and close the sale. Google ads can be used with a special forwarding number that will track those that call you and we can also track those that call you by tapping on the phone number in an ad while viewing it on their mobile device. By tracking the performance of your adverts we can measure their success and by using a suite of adverts we can evaluate where your advertising budget is best spent.

Measure Success

Conversion tracking is a particularly powerful way of measuring the success of your paid for advertisements. By tracking the behaviour of users after they have clicked on your advert we are able to refine the advert to improve its success rate and measure return on investment.

Improve Your ROI With Conversion Tracking

Fantastic, people are finding your website!

Now it’s time to find out what is working and what is not in terms of clickable actions to improve conversion rates and maximise the potential of your website.