Email Marketing

Taking the conversation to a more personal level - the inbox!

Email marketing (done properly) is a highly effective method of building brand loyalty.

If you’re looking for a highly cost-effective and powerful line of communication then outsourced email marketing may be the answer.  Emails have never been more accessible with the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices and are an essential tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Email marketing enables businesses large and small to reach a wide audience quickly and provides the perfect environment for sales conversion.  This form of direct marketing enables businesses to send regular messages to the right people at the right time.


A successful email marketing campaign is nothing without a well thought out strategy. We’ll help you reach the right audience with the right content and the right time of day.


It’s important that your list of subscribers are people who have opted-in. We can advise methods of lead generation to help you build a list of contacts who will respond positively to your campaigns.


We create visually stimulating emails to capture attention but, most importantly, emails that have content that is relevant and of interest to your subscribers.

Testing and Reports

We use metrics to track campaign progress based on your email marketing goals. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or divert traffic to your website…

Worried about GDPR compliance?

If you’re struggling to build your list of contacts organically, we will be happy to help although we don’t supply marketing data. We can advise methods of lead generation to help you build a list of contacts who will respond positively to your campaigns and also keep your database GDPR compliant.

A strategic approach to campaigns

Effective email marketing is about engaging with people in a personal and relevant way. Marketing messages can be simple or complex and integrated with other forms of marketing. Accurate metrics and powerful reports enable you to gather valuable consumer data and create targeted mailing campaigns to specific customer groups.

Our preferred platform is MailChimp which is one of the most popular tools for sending mass emails and a terrific platform for sending your newsletter campaigns. We design creative, branded newsletters to captivate your audience.


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