How do you market your business during COVID-19?  This is a big question! and not all the answers are available because we have never faced a situation like this before in our lifetime.

The last example of this was the Spanish Flu in 1918. Over 100 years ago they would have faced different challenges but at least now we have the internet to stay connected to our customers, followers, friends and family.

Businesses are coming up with new ways to market their businesses, Social Media Managers are adjusting their content calendars and coming up with new creative campaigns to promote their products and services. Staying connected is more important than ever, with businesses relying on social media and working from home tools such as Zoom and Skype for meetings or content sharing tools such as Dropbox.

In fact, overall, Facebook usage has increased by 37% and across the messaging platforms, Facebook and Instagram saw a 40%+ increase in the 18-34 age group.

So how should you be using social media for business during COVID-19?

Let your followers know you are listening and acknowledge the new normal. 

Celebrity Instagram business owner Kristen Cavallari is a good example of this, she acknowledged that this was a very unusual time for everybody but she was having a 20% off sale to try and keep her 100 staff employed and by doing so not appearing to be capitalising on the current situation.

Keep Posting

People are spending more time than ever online and you should stay connected to them. Even if you are unable to sell your services right now share content that offers help and support in a way that keeps your brand ‘in front of mind’.  For example, a travel company could suggest places to visit (perhaps UK based) once lockdown is finished or a restaurant could share recipes of their food to cook at home. Think of ways your business can help now so people remember you in their future.  Look at how Body Shop has been posting positive messages and images of their products being used at home including repurposing their packaging as plant pots! Get creative with your posts!

Be Empathic – Feel Their Pain!

Remember that some of your followers may have lost their jobs or have had to put their businesses on hold. You don’t have to mention COVID-19 in your posts but acknowledge the difficulty they may be in. They may not be able to purchase goods or services right now but by empathising with them the aim is to stay connected with your followers when we come out the other side.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Focus on engagement by providing extra education through videos, carousel posts, or captions share your story, and clearly communicate how your followers can support your business right now. With online video tools, you are able to connect directly to your audience.  So many services are now operating remotely but still staying in touch.  Even hairdressers are offering video tips to trim your own hair if you’re brave enough!  But the point is that whatever your business there are ways to stay in touch with your followers and the ultimate goal is retention of your followers.

Joe Wicks The Body Coach is a good example of this offering free online daily 30 minute classes for all ages.  Staying connected and providing a service people can do from home.

 Top Tips for the next few weeks

Share Videos – Educational, informative, what you’re working on from home and tips.  It may be on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. if you haven’t used video before it’s a good time to start learning – particularly if it is not the most comfortable media for you!  Mary has been experimenting with Facebook Live within the safety of the Concise Support Group.  If you are a member of the group, join her at 2pm every Tuesday to share top tips.

Create Good Habits – Now is a good time to establish good social media habits that you can use throughout the year. Whether it is scheduling regular posts, doing a spring clean on your channels or setting time aside each day to engage with your followers.

Get Creative – Virtual classes, how-to videos, virtual tours, challenges from home (post the results) free service/advice for when the lockdown ends.

Share your thoughts – We are all in the same storm but not all in the same boat! Share your story, and clearly communicate how your followers can support your business right now.

Use Images – Images are a good way to highlight your topic and grab attention.  Only use your own images or images from stock sites or free stock sites such as Pexels, or Unsplash

Let us know if Concise can help you during this time.  We are happy to like your page or posts or have a free call with you to give you some creative ideas.  We also have a full range of short social media courses if you have time on your hands and want to learn how to market your business better.