Looking to the future - the next normal blog post.

How do you communicate with your customers as your operations start to re-open?

As restrictions are gradually lifted how do we change our ways of working to accommodate the new normal?  Getting customer communications right is critical to your business’s success in the gradual re-opening of services, as consumers are looking for businesses that make them feel safe and secure.

Communicating a re-opening message tailored to each channel

Do you communicate with your customers? Image of managing director sharing a video with his team.

What strategies can you use to make your message resonate with your customers? You can’t just send an email with the facts. You must communicate with empathy to connect with your customers. For example, instead of an email from the Managing Director, film a short video speaking directly to customers and then this can be to embedded into an email or newsletter to connect directly with them.

Stay Aware – Stay Safe!

We need to be able to empathise with what our customers are going through. If your business involves contact with customers re-assure them that you have measures put into place to protect them and you.

Email & Newsletters

Why this works? Facebook might have over 1.5 billion daily users, but email has over 3.8 billion daily active users.  So,  your audience will also be checking their Inbox. Every single day!

You probably check your email over a dozen times a day… and people do this in all sorts of weird places.

  • 69% check while watching television
  • 54% check while in bed
  • 43% check on the toilet!
  • 34% check while they’re walking
  • 32% check while eating dinner
  • 32% check on their work commute
  • 18% check during the middle of conversations
  • 14% check while they’re driving
  • 6% check at formal events

People like getting emails.  Stay in touch but, not too much, so that people don’t disengage and your messages become just spam!

Social Media – What do you post on social media?

  • Ask questions! Not only do questions create great engagement opportunities, they also create moments for meaningful connection with your followers.
  • Thank your customers for their continued support, for their understanding during this difficult time.
  • Tell your followers how you’re doing business now … if you’re closed, let them know. If you’re online, let them know. If you’re open. Let them know!
  • Tell the story of what’s going on … for the majority of us, we’ve all had to pivot. The way we do business has flipped itself upside down. SHARE what’s going on for you. Be visual and be vocal. Share behind-the-scenes insights at what your day looks like at the moment, do a FB or an IG live

Wrapping Up!

Be positive, supportive and helpful and offer messages for the future.  There is so much circulating and you don’t want to add to the negativity, so try and post the upbeat stuff. Share news articles, blog posts, video clips, or tips. Let us know if Concise can help you during this time.  We are happy to like your page or posts or have a free call with you to give you some creative ideas.  We also have a full range of short social media courses if you have time on your hands and want to learn how to market your business better.