Do your networks take a holiday?If you’re going on holiday you may look forward to disconnecting from your social media profiles however it doesn’t mean to say that your networks need to go silent. Social media is ‘on’ 24/7 whether you are connected to it or not. Here are six options to consider:

  1. Delegate a member of staff to manage your social media profiles
  2. Check-in whilst you are way
  3. Set up alerts
  4. Schedule updates
  5. Outsourced content management
  6. Tell people you’re going away
  1. Delegate

If you choose to ask a member of staff to manage your profiles it is important that they are well briefed. Ensure they have all the necessary login details, an outline of requirements (content / tone / frequency / key people) and guidelines for what to do if something goes wrong.

  1. Check in whilst you are away.

Assuming you have access to wi-fi you may choose to check in to your networks once a day just to make sure that there are no urgent matters to be dealt with.  You may consider limiting your time online so that you don’t get distracted by that funny cat video your friend posted. 🙂

  1. Set up alerts

Keep informed of content that is important to your business by setting up Google alerts to email you notifications for certain keywords and phrases.

  1. Schedule updates

There are a number of tools available that enable you to schedule content before you leave or you may consider outsourcing to a management service (we’re happy to oblige!). We favour Hootsuite for managing and scheduling updates across many of our networks, particularly Twitter. There is also a handy RSS feed powered by the HootSuite Syndicator app to provide a healthy mix of scheduled and real-time content. You can schedule updates manually in advance or in bulk using the auto schedule function.

  1. Outsourced content management

If you outsource your social media management, make sure your outsourcing company has a plan for when they are on holidays.  You might want to consider outsourcing for short periods of time when you are particularly busy or on holiday.  Concise Digital’s social media content management service offers a flexible option.  We work with you to provide an engaging presence when you need us. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

  1. Tell people you’re going to be away

Let your clients and key people know that you are going to be away and when you are due back. This manages their expectations and provides peace of mind that there is a contingency plan in place if something needs attention.  You could, even … shut down for a few days, after all, everyone deserves a holiday, don’t they?

What are your plans for managing your social media profiles whilst you are away?  Do let us know – and have a fantastic holiday!