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Expert consultancy and advice on all aspects of your social media and online presence.

Social media is a highly cost effective and time efficient method of marketing – but only if done properly. Social media offers powerful tools for businesses of all sizes to build their brand, acquire traffic and strengthen social proof.  Whilst so many businesses recognise the need to have a social media presence they lose interest due to the time and effort involved in maintaining their profiles or lack of instant rewards.

More often than not, if people want to find out about a company, they look beyond a company’s website and at their social media channels. What impression does it give customer’s to find a company’s social media profile hasn’t been updated for months?

If you need help using social media to market your business, we’ll take a fresh look at your networks and work with you to develop and execute a strategy to succeed in the dynamic world of social media.

Expert consultancy, insights and practical advice without the jargon to help you connect with the right audience and develop a consistent social media presence to boost your brand.

If you’re struggling to maintain your profiles, perhaps it’s time to outsource your social media to the experts! Carefully crafted content to increase engagement and business exposure.

Mary Thomas is available to speak to your networking group, business event or conference.  She can give an interesting and useful talk on any aspect of social media and digital marketing.

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