Social media services

SM_consultancyDoing the right things in the right way to drive the right results

Concise Digital offer expert consultancy and advice on all aspects of your social media and online presence.

If you’re struggling to connect with your audience and maintain your profiles, why not take a look at our range of social media content management packages?

Our comprehensive approach will

  • Help you identify key influencers to amplify your brand’s voice
  • Review the effectiveness of your current marketing activity across all channels
  • Audit your social media platform
  • Provide guidance on how to market your business effectively online

We will help you create a cohesive social media strategy tailored to your brand giving you a clear and consistent route to the success of your social media activity.

So if you want to

  • Save time and money by working in strategic targeted way
  • Strengthen and maintain your positive brand image
  • Engender a culture of ‘this is how we do it’ helping to drive the right behaviours in your business
  • Maximise the impact of every customer touchpoint and drive traffic to your website,
  • Get people talking about your brand
  • Have access to a range of data assessment measures – helping to understand key metrics, building and adding value to your dataset
  • Create best practice protocols designed to mitigate operational and regulatory risk

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