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Running a busy occupational health social enterprise leaves me with very little spare time to even think about social media, never mind start to create a voice to promote our social messages. Concise Digital came to my rescue, spending time understanding our ethos, the messaging we wanted to promote and most importantly the tone. For us, in the area of health, we still wanted to call to actions and raise awareness of the issues but with a positive approach reinforced by examples and good quality evidence. We have little time to undertake the necessary research, put together blogs and keep up momentum with Twitter. Concise Digital has helped us in all aspects of our social media campaign delivering a great message on our behalf with only the briefest loss of time on my behalf from my usual management responsibilities. I have been so impressed with their services I have not only recommended them to other businesses but they will be forming a key part of our marketing plan to continue to grow our influence.

Nikki Cordell

Director, Cordell Health

Working with Mary and Concise Digital has been fantastic. PilatesPT has used Concise to help cement our business marketing strategy, online presence, and boost our SEO rankings. Across all of these areas, Mary’s advice and guidance have been invaluable, especially in pointing out aspects of marketing that we, as a business, simply hadn’t considered. Our rankings have improved for all areas of focus, and we have a much firmer grasp on what we need to achieve from a marketing perspective as a result of working with Mary and the team.

For these reasons, I can highly recommend individuals/businesses in a similar position to mine to use Concise Training for requirements such as ours. We used Mary’s services as we are trying to build a business without Marketing knowledge, thus recruiting external advice and guidance from Concise Training has been transformational.

Stuart Gordon

Director, PilatesPT

From day 1 I have felt like I have a knowledgeable go-to person in Mary Thomas. She initially helped me determine my social media marketing aims, the best media to focus on, and the target audiences and messaging. From there, I have outsourced the management of my daily twitter activity; I provide content which is then appropriately tweeted with my tone of voice giving me confidence that I have a consistent presence. I also have regular check-ins with Mary which enable me to tune my focus. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mary and her team.

Helen Franklin

Director, Free to Lead

We are very happy with the high level of expertise and efficiency provided by Mary and her team.  The ‘icing on the cake’ is the professional and personal skills that each member of her team naturally has and uses to put us non-experts at ease.

Mary and her team are acutely aware of the vital importance websites are to their customers and allayed our fears by planning the transfer of our domains and website to create a seamless transition.

Mary’s team advised us how to maintain our high ‘Google’ scores and which of our ideas would have had a negative affect; being able to provide their clients with this type of perhaps unwanted but crucial advice should not be underestimated.

We had a specific look, feel and functionality that we wanted to achieve from our website and Mary and her team have delivered this to us.

They worked through our long list of requirements without fuss or comment, even though we must have tested their patience but they never let it show.

Mary’s team knows that their clients are busy people working in the real world and are prepared to support them.  An example of this was when the payment side of our website was affected when PayPal recently conducted an upgrade that meant that every customer needed to have or setup a PayPal account.  This change was not acceptable to us and so we quickly put together an additional payment method.  This additional work was kindly squeezed into their existing workload.

We consider Mary and her team to be part of our long term website management team and are sure that you will enjoy the same level of service and support that we have.

Ruth & Steve McEwan-Lyon

Director, Ni Silver

A colleague highly recommended using Concise Digital and I have been very impressed so far.  I feel my specific needs have been met and the support and training I have received have been superb.

The work produced has been stunning along with the follow-up support.  I have already used their services again and recommended to others.

Selwyn Widger

West Wilts School Games Organiser

Firstly, I have completed a number of Concise Training’s E-learning Social Media courses for Business with Pitman Training Southampton and have been impressed with how up-to-date, informative and well-researched the course content was.
In addition, I subsequently had Viv design a logo and do the branding for my two websites, the first of which had caused a number of issues in setting up, due to inaccurate advice and supposed ‘support’ from businesses who were not as up to date with WordPress as they had indicated. I found Mary and her team (Viv & Steve) 100% helpful, professional and reliable. They have been honest in what could or could not be done and resolved all the aggravating issues created previously. As a result, I have not hesitated to recommend them to others and I’m beyond glad to leave the branding, graphics etc., in Concise Training’s capable hands! Now I can focus on what I do best 🙂 Thank you

Michaela Hope

Director, Qwerty Girl VA

I first met Mary in 2013, when I attended a Social media training day, co-hosted by Concise Training and Painless Practice.  I have subsequently read Mary’s emails with interest, and contacted Mary earlier this year after experiencing repeated and apparently unresolvable problems with a website that had been both deigned and continued to be hosted by another company.  Mary was entirely professional and exceptionally helpful throughout the whole experience, initially quoted solely to resolve the problems I was experiencing – initially suggesting I leave the website with the original host.  I subsequently asked her if it would be possible for her also to host the site for me, and we both agreed at that point that it also badly needed redesigning.  Mary and her team were marvellous at supporting me (via phone calls and email) during the time it took to get the original designer to agree to release the website, giving me a very clear step by step approach of what I needed to do if the original designer continued to ignore my repeated requests for the website to be released to Concise Digital.

I had personally written all the content for the original website, and following minimal training and by a degree of trial and error had also loaded the vast majority of it myself.  I was amazed to find that the Concise team not only did extensive research into chiropractic care, but also reworded my existing content (far better and a much more positive approach) and also wrote a lot of new content for me.  And, loaded it as well.  I spend the vast majority of my time working with my patients, so business administration and website content writing / loading has to be done out of clinic hours and usually in the evenings.  So for Concise Digital to do all this for me, I found this beyond fantastic.

I can’t thank Mary and her team enough for their help and support through the whole experience, and for their tolerance in answering my many (daft) questions.  I freely admit that my own personal standards are high, and I expect high standings from those I work with – in all contexts.  I will do digital work but it’s at the very far edge of my comfort zone and I’m a far better and much happier Chiropractor than a digital user!  I really can’t recommend Mary and her team highly enough.

Jane Mckenzie Riley

Good Health Naturally

I’m over the moon with the level of expertise used to create my website.  It’s bright, simple to navigate and fun. Mary has ensured that all of my requests have been met while also advising me on the best layout.  There are calls to action on every page and links to my other social media which greatly simplifies the visitors’ journey.  Well done Mary and team, exactly what I wanted.


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